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The Macarthur region offers not only a quality environment but a diverse one as well.
Housing estates and farms co-existing within a stone’s throw from each other, provides the opportunity to enjoy a semi rural environment. However if you feel like a day in the city its not far away either. But the Macarthur area is also well known for its local industries. Everything from the building and engineering trades to transport and warehousing. As well as being a home to numerous primary producers.

Professional Drones at Smeaton Grange

Technical advancements are always in demand and constantly being developed. The drone industry in particular, continues to advance with more industries in need of such technology. Not long ago, a drone was mostly thought of as just a toy you bought your kids on birthdays or at Christmas. But these days you could see a drone being used to spray crops. They’re also used in the real estate and mining industries. Drones now play a crucial role in our defence and crime fighting forces. Furthermore, all this technology is available at Rise Above Custom Drones and Robotics.

Discover State of The Art Drone Technology

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

One of the state of the art drones available at Rise Above Custom Drones and Robotics, is the the above mentioned Matrice 300 RTK. DJI’s flagship model (seen above) features 55 minutes of flight time. This drone also comes with 6 directional sensing and positioning and support for up to 3 payloads simultaneously. Making it the perfect tool whatever the mission requirements maybe.

Next Core RN50 UAV Lidar System

UAV LiDAR systems offer user the ability to create high-quality & high-accuracy digital terrain models which can be extremely useful for local councils. Seamless integration: NextCore is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the DJI Matrice 600 and provides high-quality LiDAR data in an easy to use package.

Autonomous operation: Set your pre-flight parameters and watch the RN50 and M600 work autonomously in any lighting conditions, generating high-quality terrain models accurate to 50mm with high foliage penetration and minimal excessive data.

Free data processing: Nextcore is now offering 200hrs per-annum FREE lightning-fast cloud-based data processing for all users of the RN50 system. This should more than meet the average needs of an operator.

But whatever your Drone or Robotic requirements are, Rise Above have the right equipment to suit your needs. Adding to these quality products, there’s also the expertise offered from qualified service and sales staff. They carry a vast range of spare parts and accessories. All of which are offered at competitive pricing.

Some of The Rise Above Range

Autel Evo 2Pro. Very popular in the professional ranks.

Drone and robot technology are also being used to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The DJI Agras T16) drone is used to apply disinfectant. The DJI Agras T16 is a drone designed specifically for spraying and is capable of covering 27.4 acres per hour. Disinfecting areas can be a time consuming and dangerous task. Usually requiring personnel donning hazmat type PPE wear and disinfecting areas by hand. The Agile.X allows for remote operation reducing risk of infection to operators and the general public.


Indoor & outdoor: Agile.X is a silent disinfection robot that is responsible for efficient electrical disinfection. A robot specially developed for indoor and outdoor disinfection and epidemic prevention.

Safe & efficient: Featuring an adjustable spraying flow, food and medicine grade diaphragm pump. It also has long range and suitability with all oxidizing disinfectant solution. The Agile.X Disinfecting Robot meets safety, reliability and efficiency requirements of disinfection in all aspects.

Remote operation: As COVID-19 cases continue to soar in Australia, businesses and government entities will look to technology to join the fight against this pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic Is forcing us to make changes in the way we do things. Businesses and organisations are also looking at new ways to keep staff safe and medical screening is one of the ways they look to do this. Something as simple as taking staff temperatures before they enter the workspace is effectively mitigating the risk of transmission worldwide. Workswell Medicas offers zero-contact, real-time analytics for facial temperature scanning.

Contactless face scanning: Medicas offers real-time analytics for facial temperature scanning. This has become incredibly important to help detect early symptoms of infectious diseases like Coronavirus.

Higher Perspective: Workswell Medicas boasts a high thermal resolution of 640x512px, high sensitivity of 30mK and high accuracy ±0.3°C via its real-time black body correction and re-calibration.

Dual camera visualisation: Integrated is a full HD RGB camera which allows for simultaneous recording and visualisation of RGB and thermal footage.

So if you’re a farmer, a mining surveyor, a builder, a film maker, photographer, perhaps you play a key role in the armed forces or a security group. If you are looking for advanced technology in drones and robotics. The management and staff at Rise Above Custom Drones and Robotics will provide you with what you need to do the job. Their prices are competitive and the service offered is genuine.

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