The Rise Above Drones

The Macarthur region offers not only a quality environment but a diverse one as well.
Housing estates and farms co-existing within a stone’s throw from each other, provides the opportunity to enjoy a semi rural environment. However if you feel like a day in the city its not far away either. But the Macarthur area is also well known for its local industries. Everything from the building and engineering trades to transport and warehousing. As well as being a home to numerous primary producers.

Professional Drones at Smeaton Grange

Technical advancements are always in demand and constantly being developed. The drone industry in particular, continues to advance with more industries in need of such technology. Not long ago, a drone was mostly thought of as just a toy you bought your kids on birthdays or at Christmas. But these days you could see a drone being used to spray crops. They’re also used in the real estate and mining industries. Drones now play a crucial role in our defence and crime fighting forces. Furthermore, all this technology is available at Rise Above Custom Drones and Robotics.

Discover State of The Art Drone Technology

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

One of the state of the art drones available at Rise Above Custom Drones and Robotics, is the the above mentioned Matrice 300 RTK. DJI’s flagship model (seen above) features 55 minutes of flight time. This drone also comes with 6 directional sensing and positioning and support for up to 3 payloads simultaneously. Making it the perfect tool whatever the mission requirements maybe.

Next Core RN50 UAV Lidar System

UAV LiDAR systems offer user the ability to create high-quality & high-accuracy digital terrain models which can be extremely useful for local councils. Seamless integration: NextCore is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the DJI Matrice 600 and provides high-quality LiDAR data in an easy to use package.

Autonomous operation: Set your pre-flight parameters and watch the RN50 and M600 work autonomously in any lighting conditions, generating high-quality terrain models accurate to 50mm with high foliage penetration and minimal excessive data.

Free data processing: Nextcore is now offering 200hrs per-annum FREE lightning-fast cloud-based data processing for all users of the RN50 system. This should more than meet the average needs of an operator.

But whatever your Drone or Robotic requirements are, Rise Above have the right equipment to suit your needs. Adding to these quality products, there’s also the expertise offered from qualified service and sales staff. They carry a vast range of spare parts and accessories. All of which are offered at competitive pricing.

Some of The Rise Above Range

Autel Evo 2Pro. Very popular in the professional ranks.

Drone and robot technology are also being used to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The DJI Agras T16) drone is used to apply disinfectant. The DJI Agras T16 is a drone designed specifically for spraying and is capable of covering 27.4 acres per hour. Disinfecting areas can be a time consuming and dangerous task. Usually requiring personnel donning hazmat type PPE wear and disinfecting areas by hand. The Agile.X allows for remote operation reducing risk of infection to operators and the general public.


Indoor & outdoor: Agile.X is a silent disinfection robot that is responsible for efficient electrical disinfection. A robot specially developed for indoor and outdoor disinfection and epidemic prevention.

Safe & efficient: Featuring an adjustable spraying flow, food and medicine grade diaphragm pump. It also has long range and suitability with all oxidizing disinfectant solution. The Agile.X Disinfecting Robot meets safety, reliability and efficiency requirements of disinfection in all aspects.

Remote operation: As COVID-19 cases continue to soar in Australia, businesses and government entities will look to technology to join the fight against this pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic Is forcing us to make changes in the way we do things. Businesses and organisations are also looking at new ways to keep staff safe and medical screening is one of the ways they look to do this. Something as simple as taking staff temperatures before they enter the workspace is effectively mitigating the risk of transmission worldwide. Workswell Medicas offers zero-contact, real-time analytics for facial temperature scanning.

Contactless face scanning: Medicas offers real-time analytics for facial temperature scanning. This has become incredibly important to help detect early symptoms of infectious diseases like Coronavirus.

Higher Perspective: Workswell Medicas boasts a high thermal resolution of 640x512px, high sensitivity of 30mK and high accuracy ±0.3°C via its real-time black body correction and re-calibration.

Dual camera visualisation: Integrated is a full HD RGB camera which allows for simultaneous recording and visualisation of RGB and thermal footage.

So if you’re a farmer, a mining surveyor, a builder, a film maker, photographer, perhaps you play a key role in the armed forces or a security group. If you are looking for advanced technology in drones and robotics. The management and staff at Rise Above Custom Drones and Robotics will provide you with what you need to do the job. Their prices are competitive and the service offered is genuine.

Rise Above Logo

Unit 2, 40 Dunn Rd
Smeaton Grange, NSW, 2567

PH: (02) 4647 3450


Camden’s obscure haven. Offering great food, great staff and great music.

Anyone residing in the Macarthur area knows where Upstairs At Fred’s is situated. That’s right, it’s that enormous sweeping verandah atop of the old Whiteman’s building. Fred’s has been doing its best to offer Camden a venue with a difference since 2015 and I’m embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t until recently that I actually checked it out for myself.

Upon arrival there is the awe of history with beautiful ceilings and fireplaces. While this does look so grand it also gave me the feeling that it might of been styled to appease the more conservative patron. But I soon discovered that nothing could be further from the truth.

The crew at Fred’s are, as I discovered very passionate about the key to the soul. That’s right, music! This venue has hosted independent acts such as The Dardi Shades, Bleeding Knees Club, The Shang, The Chats and many more. Check out facebook for upcoming gigsRecently I was fortunate to capture the maiden gig of local band Zucchini Soup.

Zucchini Soup is a trio combination of guitarists in Gregor MacKenzie, Aaroon McLoon both members of local outfit “The Swingin Old Fellas”. The third member, is fresh talent to the local music scene in the shape of Paula Bonocorso. Despite her inexperience, Paula conveys confidence in her performance through superb vocal tones. She also performs her own take on the classic Waifs track “Lighthouse” and adds such passion through her voice that the song has virtually become her own. Collectively, this outfit more than holds it own, presenting classic blues songs from the deep south to Santana and Ed Sherwin numbers. Zucchini Soup will certainly perform again at Fred’s in the near future but in the interim they have a gig at the Green Valley Hotel in early December. Date to be confirmed.

Finally, in addition to great music in a truly classy environment, Upstairs At Freds has a chef that is insanely passionate about the cuisine he offers. Beautifully prepared dishes include a superb tapas menu, burgers and kids treats. But essentially, Fred’s is not designed to be a family venue. Children are most welcome during daylight hours but come Friday or Saturday night, book the babysitter.

The best service at Fred’s.

So come Upstairs to Fred’s. Enjoy a great range of beer, wine and spirits all of which are served by friendly professional staff. And most importantly, get the music in you!!


Young Australian rapper Illy

That’s right music fans it all happens January 18 2020 when the Out Of Bounds Music Festival kicks the year off at the Campbelltown Athletics Centre. Tickets are on sale now! Don’t miss out on a line-up that boasts the talents of Melbourne based rapper/hip hop artist Alasdair Murray. Previously a member of “Crooked Eye”, Alasdair is now a solo performer under the stage name “ILLY”.

Alternative rock band The Rubens

The alternative sounds of The Rubens who rose to fame in 2015 when their song “Hoops” topped Triple J’s Hottest 100 chart.

From north of the border comes Grace Shaw, who performs as Mallrat, a rapper from Brisbane.

Newcastle outfit, Trophy Eyes formed in 2013 and will be at Out Of Bounds to serve the tastes of punk fans.

Image result for waax band"

The rock band Waax is also from Brisbane with vocalist Marie “Maz” Devita out in front.

Alex The Astronaut is the stage name of Australian singer-songwriter Alex Lynn who sings songs inspired by the world around her.

Graace, is a singer-songwriter from Sydney who is also noted for her vocal contribution to Hayden James’ platinum selling single Numb.

Untitled design (18).png

DJ’s set, from Lex Deluxe, connoisseur of all things funk, disco and dance.

An electrifying show from Melbourne band Northeast Party House will treat fans to a mix of songs offering the spine of rock with dance music and pop hooks.

Image result for dz deathrays

More Queensland visitors in the shape of Dz Deathrays, a three piece dance/punk group from Brisbane.

So join us at “Out of Bounds” where you’ll see great artists and experience incredible sound!



The Butterflies Florist in Camden

There doesn’t have to be a reason to show someone you care. You need not wait for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion to remind someone how much they mean to you. Flowers are the perfect way to express the words that so often elude us.


The standard range of floral arrangements includes “Tutti Fruity” and “Flamingo Pink” pictured above but it doesn’t stop there. Did you have a night out with the boys, before arriving home in the wee small hours of the morning? There’s tension in the kitchen and an apology expected, but you’re at a loss for words! The Butterflies Florist offer a range of gifts that are specifically tailored to convey exactly what you want to say. What words often can’t say, but flowers can. And all is forgiven. The Butterfiles Florist is open six days per week with delivery.

The Service Doesn’t Stop There.

Add some effect with balloons.

When It’s All Happening

The twins are turning nine or perhaps it’s your turn to host the under eight’s end of season party. Maybe your daughter has found the man of her dreams and there’s an engagement to celebrate. Could be a 21st, a 50th or even a christening! Whatever the event maybe, why not add to the fun with balloons.

Make everybody happy.

The Butterflies Florist offer a range of balloons to suit every occasion. Everything from “Lollipop, Hoop Frame, Flower shaped and more. So don’t be caught short on that special occasion and take advantage of the expertise on offer at Butterlies Florist Camden.

Camden’s Great Value Cafe

The cafe that suits everyone.

Whether it’s a long black, a latte or just a flat white. If you’re anything like me, you like to start your day with a great cup of coffee. The GCM Cafe in Camden’s main street has it all.

The staff are not only friendly, but are also talented baristas that ensure your “heart starter” is exactly the way you like it. I’ve sampled most of the offerings in Camden’s local cafes and at $5.50 the GCM’s large size (16 fluid oz) mug is the best value. Not only that, when you ask for “extra” hot coffee, that’s exactly what you get! Add the convenient location, which is right next to the National Bank, the friendly service, and your day kicks off the right way.

The Menu has it all

GCM has revamped its menu and regardless of what time of day it might be, there’s something for every taste and preference.

Outside of the food options shown in the images above, there’s also a great range of pies, sausage rolls, muffins and soups. If you’re thinking healthy breakfast, why not indulge in some GCM muesli and yogurt with berries. There’s also croissants, soups and a range of cold beverages including smoothies and milkshakes.

Take a seat and chill out.

It’s a lot more than just take away! If you’d like to enjoy a coffee and a meal in house, the staff at GCM are more than happy to have you as their guest. Soak up some sun and relax in the courtyard at the rear of the building if you feel like it. Or escape rainy days and stay inside. You will find the atmosphere vibrant yet relaxing, with every staff member wearing a smile. So start your day or do lunch, maybe swing by for an afternoon cuppa and a muffin. Whatever your taste or time frame take advantage of GCM, the best value cafe in Camden.

Cheers to a Country Mudgee Escape

Lowes Winery Mudgee

A lot of us look to destinations across the globe when we think of travel. But if you reside in Sydney and want a relatively quick escape to a friendly country destination, look no further than Mudgee. Recently, I ventured a few hours hours west of Sydney and found a town filled with welcoming locals. There’s also plenty to do. This particular weekend featured the Mudgee Show and the Charity Shield. But there’s also the museums and to top it off, Wine Tours! Connoisseur or not, there is a service available that takes care of everyone.

See the Land and Taste the Wine Through a Country Escape Tour

You might have a group of friends that want to see a bit of the local landscape and also taste the “fruits” of Mudgee’s wineries. But which ones are the best? When are they open and more importantly, who will drive? Country Escape Tours have the solution and offer comprehensive wine tours with a difference. We were treated to not only to the best of Mudgee’s wineries, but also to a friendly and professional service.

Mudgee Wine Tours with a Difference

Country Escape Tours offer outstanding customer service and are completely focused on delivering a wonderful day out. You can choose a full or half day tour  where you will discover award winning wineries that are immersed in breathtaking vineyards. All of which are carefully organised by two experienced guides in Sandy and Maritza. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beautiful array of wines and ports!!

Flexible Tours That Cater for Everyone

Also on offer, is a trio tasting tour, where you can sample not only wine, but beer and spirits as well. Or perhaps you’d prefer to “saddle up”. The horse riding tour includes a horse ride, lunch and a half day Mudgee wine tour. For the undecided there’s the “Mudgee Hopper”. This is the tour where you can hop on and hop off at whichever destination you choose.

Create Your own Mudgee Wine Tour

If you have particular wineries that you’d like to visit in mind, why not create your own tour. The available options are endless and include not only wineries, but cheese tastings, honey tastings, a distillery, craft beer, local produce and more. The fun is guaranteed!

Country Escape Tours will collect you from your accommodation and groups are kept to a maximum of 11 people. You will receive a personal and knowledgeable service that will create a Mudgee Moment that you and your friends will remember forever. I know we will. Private tours are also available.

Jacob Show’s Some Passion

Alternative Punk band Jacob have released their second album titled “Show Me Some Passion” and from a fan’s perspective, that’s exactly what it does. This four piece “INDIE/PUNK” unit is based in Wollongong and are driven by delivering the genuine article which is created through their perspectives of every day life experiences. Essentially Jacob is about honesty and not holding back on what’s inside your heart. This band’s inspiration comes from the truth and their sound is proudly delivered without inhibition. 

The Wollongong Punk Sound

Alternative band Jacob
New Album

The opening track titled “baby, I’m a blockhead” offers a cracking tempo from the very beginning. But with that said, and without witnessing a live performance, I didn’t feel that it represented the genuine punk genre. However, after viewing the live performance of this song on the band’s FACEBOOK page, I really had to think again!

Jacob kicks ass live!

The tone and the electricity delivers a real smack in the mouth and for me personally, it is 100% PUNK! On that point, I think it’s not only good for a band to save the best version of a song for the live performance, it is also their responsibility.

Get It Now

Essentially the whole album gets better every time you listen to it and I really think good music doesn’t always catch you immediately. That sometimes, it just grows on you and this is one of those albums. Show Me Some Passion, offers energy and creativity and from a personal take, one of the highlights is track five “a special kind of love“. This is a blend of rich harmonies, a catchy riff and some pleading lyrics that have been mixed superbly with a good song being the end result.

Experience The Passion

·      In summing up, this latest offering from Jacob offers a mixture of great riffs, energy and heart pumping tempo. This is a band that delivers from the heart, offering a refreshing mixture of fun and emotion. I have often said with reference to music, that it’s not always about the music! But where it takes you! In this instance “Show Me Some Passion” takes me on a journey of mixed emotions. A variety of highs and lows. In short, it’s a pretty good ride and I have to see them live!

If you’re a band or solo artist and have a new release up for review, please feel free to make contact now and we’ll discuss the options.

The Place For Every Mood And Taste




It might be an intimate dinner or a morning coffee. You might be turning 21 or even getting married! Whatever your mood is, whatever the occasion maybe, it’s all found at Camden’s heart, BARENZ.


In January 2009 construction of a stylish and cozy convenience was completed in Argyle Street opposite the Camden post office. Since then, BARENZ has established itself as one of finest Cafes and licensed premises in the General Macarthur area. It’s the place where your mood is always catered for. Check the menu!


You can catch an early coffee with a traditional breakfast and a newspaper if that’s your thing, a quick lunch or business meeting or maybe dinner and drinks.

Perhaps its cocktails and a group function in the evening. BARENZ can cordon off an area for 20 to 40 guests in its vibrant bar atmosphere with a mixture of lounge and high bar tables available. Adding to the Cocktail bar, a live artist or DJ and the perfect “chilled out” environment is created.


Got something larger on your social calendar? Maybe 150 guests? BARENZ offers an exclusive function area without having to book the entire venue. This comes with ample parking, a private entrance with access to indoor, outdoor and weather protected areas. The venue is versatile, accommodating any function from an 18th birthday party to a wedding.

Barenz function areas
Any event or function up to 150 people

BARENZ is the place where people meet in the evening to escape their day. It’s also the place in the morning to kick start a new day with a great cup of coffee. A place to celebrate the highs and escape the lows, a place where every mood is catered for. Even if you just want to sip on an EARL GREY tea and read a good book, they have a spot for you as well.

Barenz at Camden


The Answer To All Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

The Trusted Name

Whether you’re a builder, business owner or the proprietor of a licensed premises, Sitecom has all of your cleaning requirements covered! First established in 1988 by local resident Chris Sewell, Sitecom has become the most trusted name in commercial cleaning, proudly servicing the entire Macarthur region for over 20 years.

Chris Sewell Ceo

The Business

Sitecom offers a reliable and efficient cleaning service for virtually any type of premises. Multilevel structures, offices of any size, clubs, hotels, strata buildings and properties, churches and places of worship, Sitecom does it all. The staff are experienced, well trained and take pride in both the work they do and the good name they have helped establish.

Strata and Real Estate

When it comes to strata and real estate, Sitecom offer a prompt and reliable service at an affordable price. A service that ensures a property lease begins clean and ends clean. Strata buildings and ground maintenance, vacuuming, steam cleaning, polishing, all flooring including carpets and hard floors.

Builder’s Requirements

Perhaps you’re a builder and ready to hand over the keys to the owner. Sitecom will work to a checklist including; all types of windows and glass, all floor surfaces, tiles and splashbacks, benchtops and kitchen areas, single storey / double storey, office and factory construction work. The end result will be a pristine environment with a happy owner.

strata management cleaning


Property Maintenance

Car parks and gardens can say a lot about the company behind them and a good first impression is often achieved through efficient property maintenance. Sitecom offers services ranging from garden design and construction to mowing, weeding, trimming, rubbish removal, car park cleaning and line marking.

Facilities Management

If you’re seeking the complete package, Sitecom offer a facilities management plan that covers everything. A cost effective option that offers an “all-in-one” cleaning and maintenance service. Also included is timesheet reporting that ensures the job you’re paying for has been successfully completed. Notifications of staff arrivals and departures, live incident reporting, stock control management, chemical usage and safety data sheet information.

Facilities Management

The Real Deal

Whether it’s just one small office or an entire office block, Sitecom are ready and happy to offer the standard of service expected from a professional commercial cleaning operation. Their staff are reliable, enthusiastic and take pride in their work. For an obligation free quote, simply visit  and fill out the form provided.

A Story With A Kick To It


Taekwondo is the Korean style martial arts that was developed in the 1940’s and 50’s. But Taekwondo is very different from other martial arts. Physically, it is very dynamic with active movements that include a mirage of foot skills. The principle physical movements are in simpatico with the mind and life as a whole.

The Student

2nd DAN Black belt
Sam Evans 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo

Since he was just seven years old, Sam Evans has had a passion for martial arts and the a fore mentioned elements is what attracted him to Taekwondo. Six years later and Sam is now a second DAN black belt who has represented Australia in the Oceania Championships in Fiji where he took the silver medal. But the awards and victories don’t stop there. Sam has won the New South Wales State and Gold Coast championship titles in his division for the past two years.

Sam’s record

2018 NSW State Champion

2018 Gold Coast Champion

2017 Sydney Taekwondo Championships, Gold Medal

2017 Cool Climate Classic Canberra, Gold Medal

2017 Gold Coast Champion

2017 NSW State Champion

Sam trains at, and is a member of the Five Dock based Musa Taekwondo club. The club proprietor Alex Sootho is a 5th Dan black belt and has also coached at national level. Alex and the tutors under him, offer a range of coaching techniques that suit any age. The club has a disciplined, yet relaxed environment and an atmosphere that inspires students like Sam to perform and succeed.

While most of his opponents are of similar weight, Sam often encounters taller competitors. But as he pointed out, that while height is not intimidating it sometimes means a change in tactics. A lot of his mental preparation starts the night before a tournament. Sam has learnt the standard of discipline needed to be completely focused on how he sees the fight playing out. So come tournament day, Sam is completely in tune with his coach’s instructions and ready for action.

A lot of Sam’s inspiration is simply staying fit, but he also likes to set new goals and face new challenges. Of course, representing his country has been a major achievement and a proud moment for Sam. But returning with a medal really put the icing on the cake. However, Sam still has both feet firmly on the ground and explained, “this all came about through the discipline and self-belief that I’ve learnt through practicing Taekwondo”.

Sam also credits his chosen sport for gaining valuable skills that assist in his everyday life. The discipline and restraint of knowing when and how to react in different situations. Taekwondo has introduced Sam to new friends and it’s also given him the opportunity to give back to the community. When he’s not preparing for upcoming tournaments, Sam passes on the skills that he’s acquired to younger students through teaching.

So while Taekwondo is an effective form of self defence, it’s also an opportunity for young people like Sam to gain self confidence and achieve personal goals. Sam Evans has already done his country proud, through his own personal efforts. But in turn, he also offers his knowledge to help others achieve their goals and that makes him a real winner!

Taekwondo champion Sam Evans