A Story With A Kick To It


Taekwondo is the Korean style martial arts that was developed in the 1940’s and 50’s. But Taekwondo is very different from other martial arts. Physically, it is very dynamic with active movements that include a mirage of foot skills. The principle physical movements are in simpatico with the mind and life as a whole.

The Student

2nd DAN Black belt
Sam Evans 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo

Since he was just seven years old, Sam Evans has had a passion for martial arts and the a fore mentioned elements is what attracted him to Taekwondo. Six years later and Sam is now a second DAN black belt who has represented Australia in the Oceania Championships in Fiji where he took the silver medal. But the awards and victories don’t stop there. Sam has won the New South Wales State and Gold Coast championship titles in his division for the past two years.

Sam’s record

2018 NSW State Champion

2018 Gold Coast Champion

2017 Sydney Taekwondo Championships, Gold Medal

2017 Cool Climate Classic Canberra, Gold Medal

2017 Gold Coast Champion

2017 NSW State Champion

Sam trains at, and is a member of the Five Dock based Musa Taekwondo club. The club proprietor Alex Sootho is a 5th Dan black belt and has also coached at national level. Alex and the tutors under him, offer a range of coaching techniques that suit any age. The club has a disciplined, yet relaxed environment and an atmosphere that inspires students like Sam to perform and succeed.

While most of his opponents are of similar weight, Sam often encounters taller competitors. But as he pointed out, that while height is not intimidating it sometimes means a change in tactics. A lot of his mental preparation starts the night before a tournament. Sam has learnt the standard of discipline needed to be completely focused on how he sees the fight playing out. So come tournament day, Sam is completely in tune with his coach’s instructions and ready for action.

A lot of Sam’s inspiration is simply staying fit, but he also likes to set new goals and face new challenges. Of course, representing his country has been a major achievement and a proud moment for Sam. But returning with a medal really put the icing on the cake. However, Sam still has both feet firmly on the ground and explained, “this all came about through the discipline and self-belief that I’ve learnt through practicing Taekwondo”.

Sam also credits his chosen sport for gaining valuable skills that assist in his everyday life. The discipline and restraint of knowing when and how to react in different situations. Taekwondo has introduced Sam to new friends and it’s also given him the opportunity to give back to the community. When he’s not preparing for upcoming tournaments, Sam passes on the skills that he’s acquired to younger students through teaching.

So while Taekwondo is an effective form of self defence, it’s also an opportunity for young people like Sam to gain self confidence and achieve personal goals. Sam Evans has already done his country proud, through his own personal efforts. But in turn, he also offers his knowledge to help others achieve their goals and that makes him a real winner!

Taekwondo champion Sam Evans

Emmjay For Carton Cloud Software


Any warehousing or 3PL business needs accurate inventory data to operate effectively. Substandard records lead to stock inaccuracies, inefficient operations and dissatisfied customers. Larger software companies want a fortune to provide what they believe is the solution but then simply isn’t viable for the small business owner.

3PL Warehouseing

No Time In The Beginning

When Emmjay Warehousing was in its infancy, manual records were used but they soon proved to be too time consuming and inadequate. The staff were left with a lot of time management frustrations. Then some research by the managing director, Michael Bonnaccorso found a software package specifically designed for warehousing and 3PL logistics.

integrated 3PL Warehouseing


Carton Cloud is the affordable small business solution to all of your warehousing and 3PL requirements. It offers an integrated warehouse and transport system with all the necessary information at your fingertips. Carton Cloud also makes all the relevant information available to your customers.

Carton Cloud 3PL Software

Better Customer Service and Stock Control

No longer will you or your staff have to deal with phone inquiries regarding an order’s status. With Carton Cloud software, the customer can now see if an order has been entered, finalized and dispatched. Your customers will also enjoy greater stock visibility, and can conveniently generate their own stock reports. Again, reducing the need for verbal communications.

3PL Service Blacktown

Superior Warehouse Operations

The staff at Emmjay Warehousing now enjoy better communication through more accurate and accessible information that the Carton Cloud system offers. The internal day to day routines are more transparent. This in turn, keeps staff members on the same page with the ultimate result being a happier work environment and a more efficient operation.

storage logistics near Blacktown

Continued Research and Developement

To top it all off Carton Cloud aren’t resting on their laurels! The continued updates, further research and developments really adds quality assurance to their product. This has made Michael Bonacorrso and the staff at Emmjay Warhousing  very satisfied customers. So impressed was Michael with the Carton Cloud service and software he’s voiced his endorsement via this Youtube video.




Upholstery Solutions

Achieve Your Vision

Perhaps you have an old rocking chair that needs refurbishing. Or you need new cushions to go with the lounge that is also in need of an upholstery upgrade. Then there’s the fabrics, finishes, drapery and cabinetry to consider. At Upholstery Solutions your interior visions are created and turned into reality.

They cater for all budgets on projects of all sizes, from a single heirloom chair to whole-home renovations. At Upholstery Solutions, the customer is offered personalized design guidance where you can book a creative session in their show room or they can come to your home if preferred. Together you will create the perfect look.


1. Consultation

Start with a one on one consultation. Upholstery Solutions will visit your home with handpicked fabrics and design ideas to suit your taste and budget.

2. Planning

Your creativity will be inspired and unleashed! An Upholstery Solutions design specialist will make the selection of fabrics and finishes a fun and rewarding process.

3. Implementation

With Upholstery Solutions it’s all about adding the customer’s personal touch even as your furnishings are being crafted. They can customize height, comfort, depth and more…

Discover what it feels like to be surrounded by furnishings that are uniquely you. Furnishings that you have created and then feel the joy of seeing your home transformed. So put your feet up and let Upholstery Solutions do the rest. Their collections team will schedule a pickup time and a location that works for you.

Upholstery solutions banquette Kitchen

Return delivery and installation is included in your project cost. Deliveries can be arranged for any week day afternoon, or on weekends by appointment. If you are moving into a new premises, Upholstery Solutions can organize delivery to your new location Australia wide.

All production is carried out by expert Sydney upholsterers and furniture craftsmen. All residential workmanship is backed by a lifetime guarantee. At Upholstery Solutions care and quality are the watchwords of their manufacturing process.

master upholsterer

So join thousands of Upholstery Solutions customers who are enjoying the comfortable, beautiful and high-quality furnishings they’ve ever owned. Their creativity and expertise ensures your satisfaction. To find out more about Upholstery Solutions visit their website or call 02 46 55 6138.

Shoe Sorters And Carousels: Busy Year For Mulley Engineering

A New Carousel for Tamworth

2018 has been a busy year for Mulley Engineering thus far. Kicking off with an upgrade at Startrack’s Tamworth terminal. One of the key components in parcel freight and 3PL operations is the carousel and Mulley Engineering were called in to replace the existing unit. This upgrade just happened to coincide with the Tamworth Music Festival so Greg and his team were fortunate enough to finish the job and catch the second day of the show.

A Shoe Sorter Installation At Newcastle

Shoe sorters are essential for efficient, handling and distribution. They have proven to be invaluable where there is a wide variety of product sizes, shapes and weights to be sorted. Such requirements took Mulley Engineering from Tamworth to an installation in Newcastle. Direct Freight Express required a depot upgrade to include a shoe sorter system which is unique in rural areas. The install would require a view visits but did go to plan and was finished as scheduled.

Dandenong Expands It’s Loading Area

After the Newcastle installation, Direct Freight Express again called on Mulley Engineering to upgrade their Dandenong operation. One crucial ingredient in achieving good customer service is the loading and then unloading of PUD vehicles. It must be quick, it must be efficient and it must be safe. This facility called for an extension to their system, which resulted not only in the faster unloading of PUD trucks but a smoother operation all round.

Double Carousel For Wetherill Park

As businesses expand and get bigger, so does the load on their facilities. With this in mind, it was back to Wetherill Park in NSW for Mulley Engineering. The client being Border Express and the request was to expand their existing carousel by doubling its length. Border Express wanted to split their operation and the upgrade would improve efficiency across the board.

Campbellfield Expands With A New Shoe Sorter Install

Competition in the parcel freight and 3PL industries is both consistent and relentless.  So Direct Freight Express in Campbellfield Victoria called on Mulley Engineering to install a new shoe sorter. The customer’s goal is to help expand not only their interstate operations but also their rural Victorian locations. For Greg and his team, it’s their biggest installation of the year and it will vastly improve the customer’s operation in efficiency and productivity.




As you can see, it’s not only been a busy year for Mulley Engineering but also one well travelled. For Greg and his employees, it’s been an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan areas and experience life in rural towns. It’s also been very satisfying to bring upgrades in the warehousing, 3PL and parcel freight industries to these areas and witness their expansion.





Brobes Keeps You In The Picture

Paradise Waters

Paul Broben is a freelance photographer based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. With an outstanding career spanning over 30 years’ Paul has become one of Australia’s most respected and sort after photographers. Early in his career Paul “Brobes” cut his teeth as a Gold Quill and Walkley award-winning media and press photographer. With his work regularly enhancing front page news headlines all over the world. His obvious talent quickly gained him respect and notoriety, which pushed him onto film and television sets. Whether it was capturing the subtlety and nuance in an actor’s expression or the sheer scale and magnificence of a Hollywood explosion, Brobes’ became an expert in telling the story.

Aria Las Vegas
Aria Las Vegas

In the years that followed, Brobes’ built a career in an industry that has seen some major advancement in technology, making it an environment where only the best survive. He boasts a wide range of national and international clients that have built their visual identity on the imagery that he produces. His areas of speciality and service include (but, are not limited to) commercial, architectural, film and television production stills, editorial, advertising, culinary, product, event and conference photography as well as mining and general industry photography. One-on-one tuition and training is also available as well as short video production.


Travel Small, Travel Light and Travel Smart.

CamCase’ is a compact camera case designed specifically to give you all the advantages mentioned in the above title. It has been inspired by the new age mirror less systems where there are limited options. CamCase is the camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag. It’s small, compact, lightweight and easily passes for a briefcase in appearance.

This well-constructed camera case comes with 27 insert dividers that can be set up in endless configurations to suit your individual requirements.

CamCase is easily configured
CamCase offers unlimited options

Your comfort has also been considered with a removable padded shoulder strap. CamCase hasn’t forgotten your laptop either and has a padded front pocket that can fit a 13 inch laptop or tablet.

In addition, 3 soft pockets have been added on the inside for tape, cloths etc. The CamCase CC3 weighs in at just 900 grams. Measuring 40cm x 35cm x 15cm, and when filled to its capacity the CamCase is easy to keep under the 7kgs for airline carry on.

CamCase has been designed and constructed using only quality materials. The finished product being a professional and practical camera bag, which is extremely compact, lightweight and looks just like a brief case.

Camcase looks like a brief case.
CamCase! The brief case for cameras.

The CamCase CC3 Shoulder Camera Bag comes with full Australian warranty.



Mulley Makes Your Parcels Faster!

Do The Math

Are you in the warehousing and logistics industry? Is the operation at peak efficiency? Are you meeting your customer’s demands? If the answer was “no” to any of the a fore mentioned questions then you might need to consider an upgrade.

Mulley Engineering Has The Answers

Mulley Engineering is an Australian owned and family run company that has been in operation since 1986. Owned by Greg Mulley, the business essentially provides parcel sorting and processing solutions for regional and global parcel logistic providers. Every solution is tailored to the specific requirements of the operation. Catering to low, medium and high volume parcel processing operations. Mulley Engineering is also the sole agent in NSW for Longreach Telescopic Conveyors.

Efficient convey systems

Greg and his experienced team are with you from beginning to end. Offering consultation, installation, maintenance and servicing. They deliver completed installations on time and within budget. Hence the excellent reputation that Mulley Engineering has established after 30 plus years of operation.

telescopic conveyers

It’s one thing to own a successful business but it’s another to own one that gives such job satisfaction. These installations improve operation efficiency which in turn improves customer satisfaction. Company profits then increase which paves the way for expansion. From expansion comes employment opportunities. Helping to create jobs is something that Greg and his team really feel good about. Click on the link below to find out more about Mulley Engineering.





One Hell Of A New Toy

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from, most of us at some stage want that special item. That gift that takes a life time to acquire and is often only dream’t about. Lets face it, life is short and most of us have worked all our lives just to get the basics. So if the opportunity arises where you can purchase that special something, boat, car, a yacht perhaps, then do it! Recently, a friend of mine took such an opportunity, with the result being a brand new Ford Mustang GT Coupe with the 5.0 litre V8 engine. Of course these cars have changed quite a bit since the actor Steve McQueen sent one down the notorious Lombard Street in San Francisco. The modern Mustang is beautifully appointed, with a superb sound system and luxurious interior. This particular model has a six speed auto transmission but also offers manual shift panels on the steering wheel. In addition, the instrumentation is the first all LCD ever offered on a Mustang. It’s easy to view, fast and responsive.

Mustang 2017 GT Coupe
Real performance machine

Just talk to it and the technology does the rest. There’s the obvious abundance of power, 339KW to be precise and when you couple this with handling that feels like your driving on rails, you have one hell of a machine. It’s true that these cars have come along way since the one featured in the movie “BULLITT” which was made in 1968. But there is still one key ingredient that makes every Mustang model closely related. The sound!! They still sound like a V8 should. Rich and mellow at the idle. Then ruthless and deadly as the pedal hits the metal. To my mate and his wife: I hope this car takes you both to the edge of your dreams and may you both enjoy it for all eternity.

Mustang GT Coupe
A speed and style combination.


All Your PC Requirements Are Local

Camden-PC Solutions

That’s right! If you live in or around Camden, you don’t have to look too far for your PC requirements. Camden PC Solutions have been around since 2005 and have survived in an environment where so many other businesses have either folded or relocated to Narellan.

Yes you can get good deals on a laptop or desk top computer at the larger retail outlets. But try getting help if that device fails. These guys are all about service, before and after you purchase. I recently required a new laptop and the service that I received at Camden PC Solutions was both courteous and informative and they keep it simple.

Computers Built/Errors Fixed/Websites Created/Problems Solved.

Some of the services offered at Camden PC Solutions are listed below and the word “SOLUTIONS” appears in their business name because that’s exactly what they offer. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Camden PC Solutions to anyone requiring a new computer or have problems with the one they currently have.


Honest advice and commitment to quality

Repairs and Servicing

Including: hardware and software upgrades, performance problems etc.

Virus and Malware Removal

Removing malicious software and viruses of all varieties.

Website Design & Creation

Responsive web design, for professional sites that are modern and mobile-ready.

Email & Web Hosting

Secure and reliable web hosting, and business-class hosted exchange mail.

Network & Server Configuration

From small home setups, to business networks and domain server setups.

Camden PC Solutions are located in Hill Street Camden. They are ready and willing to assist you with any computer are networking issues that you may be experiencing. They also offer an online remote service.


Keep The Site Alive

The Decision

Business is good but it could be better. What about your online presence? So you’ve decided to get a website. Have you considered the following points:

  1. What expectations do you have of your site?
  2. How many pages do you need?
  3. What does it look like?
  4. Do you or your staff have the knowledge or the expertise to maintain it and in turn get the most from it?


A lot of people get a website and expect the ball to roll by itself. Well it doesn’t. Whether it’s a product, service or an online experience of any kind, it must be seen to be effective. Google won’t rate websites that get a new blog or piece of content every other pancake day. You know yourself, if you google a product or a service, rarely do you search beyond the first two pages. So do your homework and upload fresh new content regularly, at least three times a month. Be sure to address features like alt (alternative) text for images and url length. Run SEO checks and use google adwords.


Most basic websites have the following pages:

  1. About
  2. Services
  3. Contact
  4. Pricing
  5. Gallery

The Look

Can’t decide on the amount of pages or what titles they should have? Research! Look around and see what you’re up against. Put yourself in the role of a customer and search for your product or service. Then you should get some idea of what you’re up against and what you have have to beat.

The Expertise

Just make sure that if you do decide to go ahead and build the great business enhancing website that your designer is reputable. That you have a plan for regular content and updates. That you have staff with the expertise to complete these tasks and if not, get them educated.