The Answer To All Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

The Trusted Name

Whether you’re a builder, business owner or the proprietor of a licensed premises, Sitecom has all of your cleaning requirements covered! First established in 1988 by local resident Chris Sewell, Sitecom has become the most trusted name in commercial cleaning, proudly servicing the entire Macarthur region for over 20 years.

Chris Sewell Ceo

The Business

Sitecom offers a reliable and efficient cleaning service for virtually any type of premises. Multilevel structures, offices of any size, clubs, hotels, strata buildings and properties, churches and places of worship, Sitecom does it all. The staff are experienced, well trained and take pride in both the work they do and the good name they have helped establish.

Strata and Real Estate

When it comes to strata and real estate, Sitecom offer a prompt and reliable service at an affordable price. A service that ensures a property lease begins clean and ends clean. Strata buildings and ground maintenance, vacuuming, steam cleaning, polishing, all flooring including carpets and hard floors.

Builder’s Requirements

Perhaps you’re a builder and ready to hand over the keys to the owner. Sitecom will work to a checklist including; all types of windows and glass, all floor surfaces, tiles and splashbacks, benchtops and kitchen areas, single storey / double storey, office and factory construction work. The end result will be a pristine environment with a happy owner.

strata management cleaning


Property Maintenance

Car parks and gardens can say a lot about the company behind them and a good first impression is often achieved through efficient property maintenance. Sitecom offers services ranging from garden design and construction to mowing, weeding, trimming, rubbish removal, car park cleaning and line marking.

Facilities Management

If you’re seeking the complete package, Sitecom offer a facilities management plan that covers everything. A cost effective option that offers an “all-in-one” cleaning and maintenance service. Also included is timesheet reporting that ensures the job you’re paying for has been successfully completed. Notifications of staff arrivals and departures, live incident reporting, stock control management, chemical usage and safety data sheet information.

Facilities Management

The Real Deal

Whether it’s just one small office or an entire office block, Sitecom are ready and happy to offer the standard of service expected from a professional commercial cleaning operation. Their staff are reliable, enthusiastic and take pride in their work. For an obligation free quote, simply visit  and fill out the form provided.

A Story With A Kick To It


Taekwondo is the Korean style martial arts that was developed in the 1940’s and 50’s. But Taekwondo is very different from other martial arts. Physically, it is very dynamic with active movements that include a mirage of foot skills. The principle physical movements are in simpatico with the mind and life as a whole.

The Student

2nd DAN Black belt
Sam Evans 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo

Since he was just seven years old, Sam Evans has had a passion for martial arts and the a fore mentioned elements is what attracted him to Taekwondo. Six years later and Sam is now a second DAN black belt who has represented Australia in the Oceania Championships in Fiji where he took the silver medal. But the awards and victories don’t stop there. Sam has won the New South Wales State and Gold Coast championship titles in his division for the past two years.

Sam’s record

2018 NSW State Champion

2018 Gold Coast Champion

2017 Sydney Taekwondo Championships, Gold Medal

2017 Cool Climate Classic Canberra, Gold Medal

2017 Gold Coast Champion

2017 NSW State Champion

Sam trains at, and is a member of the Five Dock based Musa Taekwondo club. The club proprietor Alex Sootho is a 5th Dan black belt and has also coached at national level. Alex and the tutors under him, offer a range of coaching techniques that suit any age. The club has a disciplined, yet relaxed environment and an atmosphere that inspires students like Sam to perform and succeed.

While most of his opponents are of similar weight, Sam often encounters taller competitors. But as he pointed out, that while height is not intimidating it sometimes means a change in tactics. A lot of his mental preparation starts the night before a tournament. Sam has learnt the standard of discipline needed to be completely focused on how he sees the fight playing out. So come tournament day, Sam is completely in tune with his coach’s instructions and ready for action.

A lot of Sam’s inspiration is simply staying fit, but he also likes to set new goals and face new challenges. Of course, representing his country has been a major achievement and a proud moment for Sam. But returning with a medal really put the icing on the cake. However, Sam still has both feet firmly on the ground and explained, “this all came about through the discipline and self-belief that I’ve learnt through practicing Taekwondo”.

Sam also credits his chosen sport for gaining valuable skills that assist in his everyday life. The discipline and restraint of knowing when and how to react in different situations. Taekwondo has introduced Sam to new friends and it’s also given him the opportunity to give back to the community. When he’s not preparing for upcoming tournaments, Sam passes on the skills that he’s acquired to younger students through teaching.

So while Taekwondo is an effective form of self defence, it’s also an opportunity for young people like Sam to gain self confidence and achieve personal goals. Sam Evans has already done his country proud, through his own personal efforts. But in turn, he also offers his knowledge to help others achieve their goals and that makes him a real winner!

Taekwondo champion Sam Evans